Coldfusion’s Missing Huffman code table entry error Redux


Updating Coldfusion with the newest patch did not work. We are still seeing the “Missing Huffman” error in production. This occurs a few times a day. I’m now attempting to use the work-around posted in the Adobe Thread on the issue.

Below is my version of the work around:

			newImageName =  createUUID() & ".jpg";
			// create a file object representing the path to the saved image
			outFile = createObject("java", "").init( arguments.destination_path );

			// extract the underlying BufferedImage from your CF image object
			bi = ImageGetBufferedImage(myImage);

			ImageIO = createObject("java", "javax.imageio.ImageIO");
			// use ImageIO (instead of cfimage) to physically save the image to disk
			ImageIO.write( bi, "jpeg", outFile );


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