Coldfusion’s Missing Huffman code table entry error Round 3

If you’ve been following along I’ve been trying to track down why some JPGs create errors when using CFIMAGE but most JPGs do not.

The work around I posted previously still did not work for some JPGs.

Looking back at the error reports I received a co-worker and I noticed that most of the errors came internationally from one locale. When we contacted that office we discovered that they were using MS Paint to edit and save their JPGs before uploading them. Switching them over to using MS Office Picture Manager to save the images made everything upload correctly.

I’m not sure if the bug is with MS Paint, Coldfusion, or the underlying Java, but if you’ve done everything and still are getting an error when working with images in Coldfusion (or Java?) then checking the source of your images may be be helpful in debugging.

Did anyone find MS Paint to be the root of their JPG image problems?

2 thoughts on “Coldfusion’s Missing Huffman code table entry error Round 3

  1. chris hoffman

    You could be right on this MS Paint being the problem but we’ve also seen that any ppi greater than 72 also fails. In other words, all of our clients that experience the problems and have sent us their images for closer inspection, have a ppi greater than 72 ppi.

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