Double Disc Version of Jerry Cantrell’s Degradation Trip

I’ve been listening to the double disc version of Jerry Cantrell’s solo album Degradation Trip a lot this week.

Anger Rising was the big single off the initial single-disc release of the album. It was a very Alice In Chains sounding song. Now listening to the double album version its obvious he left most of the songs that sounded like AIC off of the single-disc version.

The second disc is very much a AIC album. Especially now that AIC did release a new album… that sounds a lot like solo-Jerry Cantrell.

There’s a bunch of excellent songs on here that weren’t on the single-disc release which is to bad since I think most people who bought the single disc version wouldn’t buy the two disc expanded version.

Songs I’d highlight are Dying Inside, Pig Charmer, and Thanks Anyway. All of which would sound at home on any of AIC’s albums. Like the new album, Black Gives Way To Blue, the subject matter seems to be about Layne for many of the songs.

Bottom Line: If you liked the new AIC album consider picking the double-disc version of Degradation Trip.


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