php5apache2_2.dll missing from PHP 5.3 zip

Today I did a reinstall of Apache and PHP. I used the latest versions of both Apache and PHP.

I downloaded the VC6 5.3 zip file but came to a problem when trying to install PHP as there was no php5apache2_2.dll file included in the zip download. I had downloaded the non-thread-safe version of PHP5.3. Apache2.2 only works with the thread-safe version, but the PHP downloads page does not make this clear. The PHP download page says:

Which version do I choose?
If you are using PHP with Apache 1  or Apache2 from
you need to use the VC6 versions of PHP

So for anyone else having this problem, use the thread-safe version!

(and skip the installer: its useless)

5 thoughts on “php5apache2_2.dll missing from PHP 5.3 zip

  1. Jeff

    Wow… I had the same problem. It amazes me that a technology with millions of users can’t come with more thorough instructions, especially about something so simple. I just spent an hour trying to figure out this stupid problem when I should have been coding… UGH.

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