Migrating to Lucee from Adobe CF

I’ve been migrating a lot of older sites from old installs of Adobe Coldfusion to new servers and fresh installs of Lucee Coldfusion lately. The majority of these applications were migrated without much trouble.  I’ve found that Lucee Coldfusion is also easy to keep secure and current as it has continual stable releases and monthly patches that can be installed from the admin area.

For the most part the migration to Lucee is a simple matter of installing Lucee Coldfusion, and adding the application codebase. After thoroughly testing that the application works locally I stand up a Test server and repeat the process. After passing UAT, the test server is cloned to create the production server and the datasource is re-pointed to the production db on the new production server. Finally the DNS entry is repointed to move the web traffic from the old existing server to the new server.

Below is the process I use when starting on a new migration

  1. Stand up a Lucee dev environment
    1. I’ve been moving to Linux servers at the same time as migrating to Lucee, but for now let’s assume we’re in Windows
    2. If you’re new to Lucee, just grab the express install from Lucee.org and install it.
  2. Checkout the site’s codebase into the Lucee ROOT directory.
    1. You are using version control right?
    2. I make a new branch to track any code changes needed. If your site is simple it most likely will just work. Otherwise check this list for ideas of what might need to be changed.
    3. Alternatively you can configure it to look at a directory other than ROOT. See this blog post
    4. If you may need to set up multiple Lucee dev sites you may want to read this
    5. If you need to turn on server side authentication read this
  3. Configure any datasource your site may need in the Lucee admin area.
    1. http://YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/lucee/admin/server.cfm
  4. While you’re in the Lucee admin area install and activate the Log Analyzer plugin.
    1. This will allow you to view the server logs much like you would in Adobe’s CFAdmin. Very handy!
  5. At this point your site may just work.
    1. If your site works, congratulations! You can begin to validate that everything really does still works
    2. If not, usually you will get an error that explains what the issue is.
    3. For more ideas of what might be wrong: Common Issues when Migrating Existing Codebases to Lucee Coldfusion.

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